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Brief history of air jordan I

The Jordan I is considered by many to be the greatest and most endearing sneaker of all time, and it is the shoe that arguably started the sneaker market.


However, it almost didn't happen because Michael Jordan preferred Converse's Chuck Taylor, and Nike had to convince him by presenting a plan for him to become an entire brand, not just a shoe. Peter C. Moore, Nike's creative director, designed Jordan's first shoe, which Jordan initially disliked but later warmed up to. The Air Jordan I was not ready for Jordan's rookie season in 1985, so he played in Nike Air Ship's until the Jordan's were ready. When the shoe was released in the fall, it sold out immediately, and it was restocked until the shoe was overstocked, causing the price to drop. Thirteen colorways of the Jordan 1 were released in the original year, and they remain the most sought after. The Jordan I was reintroduced by Nike in 1994 but floundered, and it wasn't until 2001, when Jordan returned, that it was successfully reissued. Jordan Brand released the Jordan 1 in a couple of classic colorways as well as a couple of new colorways, and it was retired in 2004. The Jordan I was finally deconstructed in 2017.

The Air Jordan 1 has been through many ups and downs over its 36-year history but has claimed its place as one of the most endearing sneakers of all time.

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